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BNI is the world's largest professional netowrk having 2,72,000 members globally. In India it present in 97 cities with a membership strength of over 38,000 business owners as listed members. In last 12 months members of BNI India have done business transaction of  INR 12,500 crores. Members of India have passed over 19, 81,746 referrals in last 12 months. The average business transaction per member  is approx. INR 37.36 lakhs.   We are a Member focused business referral network that works. You will develop long lasting relationships with like-minded business professionals, create opportunities through referral marketing and grow your business skills. 

BNI Udaipur is moving upwards to membership strength of 555 by March 2021, BNI Udaipur has 6 in person active chapter and 1 online chapter.  BNI Udaipur has done total business transaction of INR 38.9 Crores post lockdown.