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Hi-Tech became the very first brand to bring the top of the class- Reverse Osmosis System technology to India. While the other brands relied on outdated filtration techniques, Hi-Tech Pioneering in the world of state of the art RO, UV and UF technology, and etched its name as the brand that revolutionized the face of water purification in India.

Founded in 1995, Hitech has been recognized by I.S.O. : 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 18001:2007 standards that improve the quality of water by completely eliminating the harmful particulates and filth from the water and thus making it a preferred choice for procuring RO based water purifiers and water treatment plants. Hitech is a thriving establishment that has it specializes in manufacturing genus of elements used for water purification such as Water Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, Alkaline Water Systems and spare parts like Pumps, Water Filter Cartridges, QC Fittings, RO Membranes, Meters and all the water filter related spare parts and accessories. We also manufacture RO systems packaged for applications like the ground, bore well, well, river and tap water in standard range for compact water productions. These products are manufactured using premium grade raw material, sourced from trusted suppliers of the market. The products that we built are not only exquisitely alluring but also more safe, copper-bottomed and user-friendly. Over the years of hands-on experience has helped us to achieve a benchmark in providing quality rich, innovative and cost-effective purified water solutions. Being the member of the Water Quality Association of USA since 1995, we strive to manufacture the best range of RO system with matchless quality and effective services.