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a. Safe zone - Non Critical - Green color

b. Containment zone - Highly Critical - Black color

c. Buffer Zone - Limited Light blue color

d. Movement only for essentials - Critical - Orange Color

e. Don't know - Neutral - Purple color

Disclaimer - It is crowd sourced data and data reflected is as good as people sharing it. Please confirm with authorities for exact data. We do not take any liability for the correctness and accuracy of it. It is just meant to provide users crowd sourced information. Note - We are not in the business of sharing or selling this data so please do not send any such request; it is only for public use and reference and is transparently shared with the public. At any time, official authorities can ask for our data and we are bound to share it with them if it lies in legal purview. Definition - Safe Zone - where there is no official restriction on movement of people and opening of businesses and only have to follow normal social distancing, and safety norms. These are marked with Green Color votes Containment Zone - Are critical zones, where the spread is there or superspreader is identified. These are mostly curfew zones or there is recent found of Covid19 patients These are marked with Black color votes Buffer Zone - is an area located around containment zones where no Covid19 patient is found and movement is open for people and businesses as per latest government guidelines and relaxations. These are marked by blue color votes Movement only for essentials - are areas where earlier Covid19 patients were found and right now there are no active patients but for time being movement is only restricted for essentials. These are marked by Orange Color votes Don't Know - represents votes of people those who participated but are not aware which zone their respective area lies into. These are marked by Purple Color.
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