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Geo Intelligence

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Geospatial or geolocation-based intelligence is trending over the past few years and at the same time raising concerns over user privacy. It is an important piece of data for businesses to understand the spread of their clientele and other important parameters of the business. It is also a very effective way of sending and conveying the right perception of the products and services of the brand in the targeted geography.

We at MOODINDIA have built a perfect balance between user privacy and targeted geolocation intelligence. Our platform keeps the personal identity of users hidden while sharing geolocation intelligence.

Our vision is only to share information with businesses that helps them take better decisions and understand the parameters that aids businesses to serve their consumers in a better way rather than sharing personal geolocation intelligence of users.

We ensure that the business’s data remains with business and no third party can ever access any data on the business except the business clientele who are part of their community. Also, no clientele/user even if they are part of business community of the respective business can access other clientele/user personal data at any point of time.